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If you are ill or have suffered an injury and are not able to work, how will you meet your monthly expenses? In the possibility that this may someday be the case, disability insurance is your answer.

Disability insurance takes care of your monthly expenses – house loan EMIs, utility bills, tuition, food, clothing and any others, until such time as you can return to work. It protects your income if you are too sick or hurt to work, and enables you to maintain your standard of living without eating into your savings.

There are different kinds of disability insurance plans available, so you can choose one which you think fits your financial abilities, lifestyle and requirements the best:

Short Term Disability Insurance

A short term disability policy takes the place of the income you lose when you are disabled due to an accident or illness, for the first few weeks. It provides you with a portion of your earnings so that you can take care of your expenses without digging into your savings.

Long Term Disability Insurance

A long term disability policy works the same way as a short term plan, except for the time period involved. A long term insurance policy will replace a portion of your normal income for an extended duration, after the first few weeks. Both short and long term policies could be offered by your employer.

Individual Disability Insurance

While you can get disability insurance plans from your employer, you can also opt for an individual disability insurance policy on your own. These policies are especially useful for people whose employers do not offer insurance, or those who wish to supplement existing disability coverage provided.

Disability insurance is a great way to ensure that you and your family can sustain expenses even if you’re disabled due to injury or illness. To learn more about eligibility, details and customization of a disability insurance policy, call us for a quote today.

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