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Longevity Annuities – The “Big Game” in 2015

There’s a lot of talk about ‘outliving your savings’, but if your family has a history of living long lives, this may be even more of a concern. If you have a longer life expectancy, longevity insurance may be the solution that lets you keep your independence long after your 80s. The limitation with immediate […]

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Social Security Disability – Eligibility & Benefits

The Federal government offers a variety of benefits under the Social Security program, for anyone who’s been working, earning and paying taxes in the U.S. Most of us are familiar with pension plans and retirement benefits of the program, but Social Security can even help you manage unforeseen expenses and income loss caused by disabilities […]

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Buyer’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

Leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising regularly, even being considered the ‘greatest boxer of all time’ doesn’t guarantee you’ll never need help with daily activities. Case in point – three-time World Heavyweight Champion Muhammed Ali, who is now trading punches with Parkinson’s disease. The chances that you might need long term increase as you […]

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